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Danielle C.

I've seen the Doc now for about a year, after my first bad accident i went to Dr. Dufour and he helped tremendously! after my second accident, hes the only Doc i would see. The staff is always friendly and Dr. Dufour is amazing, he gets to know you on a personal level and makes the whole experience better.

Kelly P

I found Dr. Dufour thru a few friends who had been patients or employees. I was skeptical at first, being diagnosed with fibromyalgia; no doctor in ten years could relieve my pain. In only a couple sessions, my joints no longer dislocate, the pain is dulled considerably, and my energy is much higher. I can pick up and play with my child without having to take breaks. In short, Dr. Dufour has saved my life.

Kenneth P. 

Dr. Dufour is the best. I have been treated by Dr. Dufour starting close to the beginning of his career. He has the ability to diagnose and treat your health issues with professional and loving care. He is always concerned about your level of pain and makes an extra effort to relieve your pain on your first visit. He guides you with exercise to eliminate the possibility of returning injuries. My wife and married daughter also have treatments from Dr. Dufour. They also will not go to anyone else for treatments. I can say with certainty that you cannot go wrong with calling and making an appointment for an injury or even regular chiropractic maintenance. Make a good decision today and call for an appointment. You won't be sorry.

Donna B. 

What would I do without you Doc? You have kept me working when without my weekly adjustments I'd probably have been on disability years ago. The massages you offer are also a great addition to your practice.

Jeri B 

I was always terrified to go to ANY Chiropractor. After several years of occasionally accompanying my sister to her weekly adjustments with Dr. Dufour, I was finally convinced to let him work on my chronic lower back pain. Ever since that miraculous day, he has always brought me great relief during and after each visit. I don't need regular treatments, but when my back acts up, you will always be the "Doc" I turn to for my adjustments. You're the BEST. Thanks for being such a caring and knowledgeable person!

Rick G. 

The best front end alignment in the world. You can take that to the bank!

Teri H 

Awesome! I love the info! Very informative! I'm impressed, but then I would only expect the best from you! Good job!!! All the time and hard work you put into this has paid off! You're an awesome Chiro and deserve a very successful practice!

Michelene S

Hi Dr. Dufour, Nice website -- great info! You're doing something right, because you look almost as good as I do at 29! Love you, Mik! =0)

Theresa W 

Dr. Dufour We want to Thank You so much for helping my Mother in-law during her visit this past holiday. She was away from home and in a lot of pain. Your treatment allowed for a pain-free and pleasant visit, including 4 days in the car getting back to Pennsylvania. You were so helpful and she was so pleased that she is seeking the same type of chiropractic treatment in her area.

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